Potrzebnyartysta.pl is a project that was born in response to the difficult situation of artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the impulse that pushed us to do something. We found it very difficult to hear that the artists have no job and lack of prospects for better tomorrow. And yet the world didn't stop, it just slowed down.


Culture, artists, creators cannot and should not be the victims of this slowdown. Now is the time for high quality cultural products and creating a new quality of corporate image using them. Now is the time for people of culture and the change that the world, including business world, needs.


We connect artists, cultural people with business. To start with, a small job, a piece of work such as a mural on the wall in the factory, an illustration for a company newspaper, music for a company video, a painting to decorate the office, public speaking consulting service for the CEO. . . this and much more can be done by graphic artists, painters, musicians, actors, sculptors, designers. . .


It is simple as that...

  • artist tells us what he/she does, what is his/her specialty, what project he/she can undertake

  • company tells us what artistic service it needs

  • we connect the artist with the company to start cooperation


To start cooperation, just download the form and write an e-mail. You can also call, we'd love to talk to you.


In effect:

  • artist earns money and gains experience in cooperation with business

  • company receives a high quality cultural product for everyday use or/and  promotion activities. It also builds its image as a committed and socially responsible company.


Sucess Stories

We will be telling stories of cooperation between companies and artists in the PURPOSE magazine and social media (Linkedin, Facebook). We hope that our project will increase the visibility of artists and people of culture especially on the Linkedin portal, where there are currently very few of them.



We take 10% provision of the value of the service. For example, if you order a graphic design for 1000 PLN, our commission will be 100 PLN. The whole commission will be used  to promote the project in order to reach more and more artists and companies.

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